Best Student Film - Chicago Comedy Film Festival

I love these people.

This week we were honored not only to have The Magic of Friendship play at the Chicago Comedy Film Festival, but also take home the award of "Best Student Film". It was a huge honor to have our short played amongst some cutting edge work from comedy legends (like Jane Lynch, who was very nice btw), and especially personal because it was a festival I had always wanted Magic to play at before the first draft was even penned.

Appropriately titled "The Magic of Friendship" - this film would not have been possible without all the best friends pictured in this photo.

"Watch It" - Featured on VideoStatic

No idea how to embed the actual feature, but I'm so stoked to share that VideoStatic featured my passion project "Long Time No See". The site has been my go-to to keep up on the most innovative and boundary-pushing work in the industry. Seeing my own work pop up was both flattering and humbling. If you haven't heard of before you should head over to their site, it's curated well and features a pretty wide range of some of the most challenging videos being released today.

Jauz - "Get Down" - Release

The music video for "Get Down" is finally out and I couldn't be more stoked to share it! Shooting with an incredibly rushed pre and post schedule, we managed to film amidst a crazy party with over 150 extras and get the video edited and through color/vfx in a total of 4 days.I loved making this because the video has more heart to it than your classic "EDM video"

Fav comment: "dude needs to learn how to iron properly"

The Audience Awards

Assisted Living has officially taken home 2nd place in the Audience Awards under 10:00 category - pretty cool! The Audience Awards is the online extension of L.A. Shorts Fest, LA's largest short film competition. What was most flattering was the feedback I received from the site's editors. People really gravitated towards the premise of the movie. 

Smack talk in’ grannies, diamond studded oxygen tanks, wheel chairs with spinning hubcaps, Rx drug running and flashbacks to the Korean war. a perfect recipe for comedy. This could be a mini series on the TV the kids are watching these days.